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UR Multimedia offers a full range of web development services. Building upon our experience since 1996, we continue to offer the latest in web site technology, development, and design while offering functional, fast-loading and visitor-friendly web sites for our clients.

UR Multimedia offers the following technicalities as part of its web development and web redevelopment services. Not all of these elements are necessary to every web site.

UR Multimedia will work with you to determine which improvement will elevate your site to the highest level.


Web Solutions

Per many current studies, millions of users are added to the Internet population every month.

People are hungry for information, goods, business, entertainment etc. Many will expect to find your business or organization online.
All modern companies nowadays, trying hard to enter the international market, use the Internet technology.

Our research on the market shows that the Internet has enabled companies to increase their sales by using the new technology as they entered the international market and that Internet even made them more popular on the national front.
Our goal is to give our customers complete solutions by designing the web sites according to their needs.


UR Multimedia is committed to deliver the highest quality of service to its clients. We have a commitment to getting the job done in a way that surpasses expectations.

Our motto is "Your Success Is Our Success"

Our clients are the number 1 priority in our work because they are what make us a successful firm now and in the future.

We promise to deliver the highest level of

  • Creativity
  • Satisfaction
  • Support
  • Relationship
  • Guarantees


The idea of networking is probably as old as telecommunications itself.
Of course, we have come a long way from the primitive pursuits and devices of our forebears.

Nowadays, we have computers talk to each other over vast assemblages of wires, fiber optics and microwaves. What we do is study your company structure and hierarchy to be able to choose the most suitable type of network that meets the needs of your own company.

Next step will be the installation and the configuration of the network.
Of course, our company is going to offer your staff a high qualified training program to enable them handle and use the network.

Why build a network?
There are a lot of reasons for building networks, whether they are computer networks or car-dealer networks. However diverse the reasons, they ultimately boil down a couple of basic points:

  • Networks can increase efficiency
  • Networks can help standardize policies, producers, and practices among network users
  • Networks can bring together diverse ideas and issues into a common forum, where they can be addressed in a global fashion rather than in a randomly, case-by-case fashion
  • Networks help ensure that information is redundant in other words, that it exists in more than one mind or computer at a time.



In the last few years, huge and rapid developments in the graphic technology field took place.

The revolution of the new generation of personal computers delivered new tools, software and machines which gave the Desktop Publishing a brand new appearance and many advanced facilities. As a natural result of this great development, many changes occurred in the production system.

It appeared that production time has been drastically decreased, productivity increased and quality raised.

However at the same time, the new technology came with some new problems. The new system consists of computers equipped with advanced software, servers, digital photo-writers scanners and more.

All these parts should somehow be able to communicate with each other in a safe and proper way.
This also creates the necessity of networking and data communication in this field which increases the complicity of the system.

Another serious problem occurred, in the organization and the staff. Due to the development mentioned above, new skills had to be developed and competence obtained.
A qualified staff is necessary partly to be able to run the new machines, software, and partly to organize and manage the new system.