In the last few years, huge and rapid developments in the graphic technology field took place.

The revolution of the new generation of personal computers delivered new tools, software and machines which gave the Desktop Publishing a brand new appearance and many advanced facilities. As a natural result of this great development, many changes occurred in the production system.

It appeared that production time has been drastically decreased, productivity increased and quality raised.

However at the same time, the new technology came with some new problems. The new system consists of computers equipped with advanced software, servers, digital photo-writers scanners and more.

All these parts should somehow be able to communicate with each other in a safe and proper way.
This also creates the necessity of networking and data communication in this field which increases the complicity of the system.

Another serious problem occurred, in the organization and the staff. Due to the development mentioned above, new skills had to be developed and competence obtained.
A qualified staff is necessary partly to be able to run the new machines, software, and partly to organize and manage the new system.