Web Solutions

Per many current studies, millions of users are added to the Internet population every month.

People are hungry for information, goods, business, entertainment etc. Many will expect to find your business or organization online.
All modern companies nowadays, trying hard to enter the international market, use the Internet technology.

Our research on the market shows that the Internet has enabled companies to increase their sales by using the new technology as they entered the international market and that Internet even made them more popular on the national front.
Our goal is to give our customers complete solutions by designing the web sites according to their needs.

Moreover, we establish, publish and secure web sites for our customers and provide consulting to choose the right solutions.
By adapting latest technologies, we create cutting edge web-based solutions for our clients.

We offer complete E-Commerce services and design for Existing Business and New Business. We also compile Web Site Design solutions for Individuals, Government Agencies and Nonprofit Organizations.

How the Internet Relates to Your Network
The last years have seen an explosion of publicity for the Internet. Unless you have been in a cave

somewhere, you have seen the explosion of web addresses, email addresses, and references to cyberspace that now has a place in the consciousness of the public.

The publicity has been difficult to ignore. Unfortunate is that, with mass-media publicity, comes the maundering pronouncements of pundits who do not really understand what the Internet is, what it does, or (and most importantly for those building networks) how it works.

Intranet, Extranets, and the Internet
If you build a LAN, MAN, or WAN–that is, a private network–using Internet standards, you have created an internal Internet, or Intranet.

Intranets offer a great deal of promise for simplifying the networking of different manufacturers´ components; used properly, Intranets can reduce costs and simplify life for your end-users as well.

If you connect your intranet to the Internet and make provisions for your customers and business partners to use pieces of your Intranet to do business with you, you have gone a step beyond an Intranet and created an Extranet.

Extranets are essentially Intranets that use the Internet as a vehicle to interact with your customers, suppliers, and business partners.

With the proper security precautions, Extranets offer tremendous value; they reduce the costs of tying your computer system to your various business partners system and potentially expose your products to a huge audience.